Welcome to ZE.WTF! This is a little URL shortener made for STEP students by a STEP student. You are welcome to enjoy this even if you aren't a STEP student though :P


Q: What engine is this based on?
A: Custom-written from scratch.
Q: What languages did you use?
A: PHP for backend, JS for basic front-end bits and standard HTML/CSS.
Q: Do you pay for hosting?
A: Yes
Q: Why .wtf?
A: Shortest and cheapest I could find.
Q: Is my data safe?
A: User passwords are BCrypt encrypted. I'm planning to add e-mail address encryption in the near future. Your data is not shared with any third parties with the exception of some additional data being collected by reCAPTCHA (Read more).
Q: I have a complaint/question/suggestion.
A: Feel free to bug me on Discord, which can be found below, in the site's footer.