Terms Of Service

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of this website. By accessing this website I assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use this website if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

  • The website staff reserves the right to remove any entries it considers to be against the site rules.
  • The website staff reserves the right to modify and update the website rules and terms of service at any given time.
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  • Any content that is considered to be against the law will be moderated regardless of whether it abides by the site rules or not.
  • The website is provided as-is and I am not liable for any potential damage caused by it, or by the website visitors.

Site rules

These are the rules about basic usage of the site. Breaking them will get your access to the site restricted.

  1. No links leading to phishing pages or similar security exploits are allowed.
  2. No links leading to any illegal content, such as child pornography or illegal produce retailers are allowed.
  3. Any sort of discrimination or hate speech is not allowed on the site.